Our Curriculum Te Whãriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, covers the sum total of experiences, activities and events which occur within our environment and are designed to foster all children’s learning and development.

Te Whàriki has 5 strands, or essential areas of learning and development. Each strand has several goals with specific learning outcomes for children.

The early childhood curriculum has been envisaged as a whãriki, or mat, woven from the principles, strands and goals within the document. The whãriki concept recognises the diversity of early childhood education in New Zealand. Different programmes, structures and environments will contribute to the distinctive patterns of the whãriki.

Click the links below to view photos of children participating in those areas:

Strand 1: Well-being – Mana Atua


Strand 2: Belonging – Mana Whenua


Strand 3: Contribution – Mana Tangata


Strand 4: Communication – Mana Reo


Strand 5: Exploration – Mana Aoturoa