Ramere 03 Here-turi-kōkā


Ki ora koutou whānau, while the mornings are still frosty the evenings are certainly lighter and the tamariki have loved the milder days.

On Wednesday the tamariki were very fortunate to have Paula Irvine from South Canterbury Soccer come and take them through their paces.  Paula coaches school children’s soccer and the tamariki really enjoyed learning new skills and improving on those they already had. 

On Thursday Whare Piki walked to the Primary School to visit Harold the Giraffe.  Many of us as parents will have great memories of these trips when Harold visited our school.  Harold is founded by the Life Education trust which is a charity that educates and empowers children to make healthy choices, so they can live full and healthy lives. Harold supports children to learn about their body, friendships, their identity, food and nutrition.

It was lovely to hear the whanau sharing there stories about these visit as they left preschool yesterday.

Whare Kohanga tamariki have been enjoying the company of "Mr McGregor" this week.  Sarah brought in her rabbit that the tamariki have loved caring for this week.

Until next week, Ka kite

Ramere 20 Hōngongoi


We hope you have all been enjoying the holidays and some of the beautiful sunny days that have come with them.  This week the a small group of Whare Tipu tamariki made the most of the weather and headed off to explore Talbot Forest.  How fortunate are we to have such a beautiful natural area to explore within a short distance of Preschool.


We departed preschool at 9am, stopping to take in what was happeniing in our community as we headed to the entrance of Riddell's Reserve on Hislop Street.  It didn't long before the tamariki decided they were ready to explore and head off the beaten track.


After morning kai the tamariki were keen to begin discovering, furthering there connection with the environment and nature using magnifying glasses, torches to explore small dark areas and egg cartons to collect treaures from nature to share with their peers when they returned to preschool.


As Kaiako we supppport the tamariki to fulfil their responsibilities as kaitiaki(guardians) of the environment encouraging them to observe nature without harming it while taking in all it has to offer.  The preschool also recently purchased wet weather gear for the tamariki so these excursions can become a regualr event regardless of the weather.


Ramere 13 Hōngongoi


Ki ora koutou whānau, we hope you are all enjoying the school holidays that signal we are half way through the year !!  The beautiful days signalling that spring is not too far away.  


The tamariki have been feeling creative over the last few weeks exploring what they can make out of natural resources.  Also exploring there musical abilities learning new waiata and incorporating the use of raku sticks as we look towards Korohi te pepi where all our tamariki will perform on stage at Caroline Bay for the annual fesitival.


The opportunity to venture too our local library and explore our community on the way there and back is always met with excitment.  With the frosty mornings the tamariki have been discovering a lot of spider webs, intrigued by the patterns that go out the wool and decided to create their own.  Great thinking tamariki !!

We are fortunate in a small community that the retailers have soo much time to spend with the tamariki when we go for excursions to get resources.  When visiting ITM they supported the tamriki to measure the chain, help cut it and find the remaining items on their list.  These strong relationships within our community our invaluable in supporting the tamariki and their learning and understanding of what happens in our wider community.

Ka kite 

Ramere 29 o Piripi


On Thursday morning we were incredibly lucky to have Woodbury school come and perform there Matariki show for us.

After they performed for us they then shared there knowledge and skills, buddying up with the tamariki to teach them the actions to "Tehei Mauri Ora."  

After the performance the preschool tamariki were very excited to take the Woodbury tamariki on a guided tour of their centre and for many of the Woodbury tamariki it was an opportunity to revisit there old centre.


The tamariki loved this experience and once again it reminds us how important it is maintain, extend and build on the links within our community to share knowledge, skills  and  further develop and strengthen relationships.

Ramere 22 o Piripi


Ki ora koutou whānau the longest day has been and gone and the days already seem a little longer with extended daylight.  The tamariki are wrapping up warm and enjoying exploring the outside environment.



You know jumping in puddles is fun when the kaiako join you, and when you have a huge umbrella it means there is more room for your friends to join you on a rainy day.


Sensory explorations and working alongside each other, sand offers endless play and learning opportunities for the tamariki to investigate and experiment with.


The tamariki were very excited to take their creativeness in a new direction when they had the opportunity to design and then sewing their own creations. From blankets for special toys to sushi the imaginations were running at full force.


Until next week ka kite.

Ramere 15 o Piripi


Matariki atua ka eke mai i te rangi e roa,
E whāngainga iho ki te mata o te tau e roa e.

Divine Matariki come forth from the far-off heaven,
Bestow the first fruits of the year upon us.






Friday June 15 2018 is the official date to celebrate Matariki. To celebrate this we started the day with a whānau breakfast to celebrate Matariki the Maori New Year.

Traditionally Matariki was celebrated by gathering with whanau (family) and reflecting on the past. The festival’s connection to the stars provided an opportunity for families to remember their whakapapa (genealogy) and those ancestors who had passed away to the heavens. Offerings were made to land-based gods who would help provide good crops, and new trees were planted to signal new beginnings. And at preschool we have been celebrating by tending to our gardens, waiata and kani kani.

The wider world of whānau and community is a key part of who we are at Geraldine Preschool and celebrations like this provide us with the opportunity to strengthen, acknowledge and celebrate them. 

Ramere 8 o Piripi


Ki ora koutou whānau, we hope you are all keeping warm as we move from autumn to winter.  Whare Kōhanga tamariki have been experimenting with a variety of messy play activities which provides them with the opportunity to experince a wide variety of sensory experiences.  From sand to slime, these sensory moments help tamariki to learn about different textures and materials.



Developing fine and gross motor skills, digging, pouring, mixing tipping and measuring.  Using rich discriptive words, smooth, runny, lumpy, cold wet to support them in their language development.


The Maori concept of whanaungatanga describes relationships, a sense of family connection - a relationship developed through shared experinces and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging.  A strong sense of whanaungatanga has been very evident in Whare Tipu over the last few weeks as we have observed tamariki establishing new friendships as they recognise common interests and this forms the basis for new realtionships to develop.  A strong sense of belonging is key for tamariki to learn, grow and develop.  When sibilings begin we value the sense of belonging it provides the child and encourage them to visit each other.  Also providing resources that allow the tamariki to creatively share stories linking with whānau.



Extending thinking is supported through creative activities such as art or block play.  In Whare Piki the kaiako support tamariki to take an idea and through questioning and prompting help them to take an idea and turn it into reality.

Until next week, Ka kite.

Ramere 1 o Piripi


Ki ora koutou whānau have you seen the latest Geraldine News ?  There is a wonderful article about our tamariki and the strong sense of whanaungatanga we nurture at Geraldine Preschool.  Links with our wider community are a key part of our daily life at the centre, whether it is the tamariki exploring the community on an excursion or the community coming to us.  Every fortnight a group of young men from Waihi Boys, Winchester come to interact with the tamariki.  Ako (reciprocal learning) is at the for front of these visits.



This is such a positive experience for all and this week the tamariki spent time teaching the Waihi Boys our centre mihi and then supported them to write their own.  It's moments like this that really emphasise the fact that it takes a community to raise our tamariki.

Ramere 25 Haratua


"Ka ū mai te hā o te haukū, ka ao te rangi." - (As) the dew arrives and gives its breath, the sky becomes worldly.

Ki ora koutou whānau, winter is here and there is definitely enough of a chill in the air to take your breath away when you leave your whare in the morning.  The learning doesn't stop with the weather, wera (hot) or makariri (cold) the explorations continue.  The tamariki in Whare Piki have been extending their imaginations over the last week.  


Tamariki took their love of pukapuka (books) and turned it into an amazing play, fit for the hollywood stage.  An all time favorite is "Room on the Broom" which the Whare Piki tamariki have spent much of the week re creating into there very own production.  They have also been getting very creative with the playdough and lego.


Manipulative play explorations provide tamariki with open ended and never ending possibilities.  Animals and stories created from shared ideas and wonderful imaginations, anything is possible in the minds of our tamariki.



The tamariki in Whare Tipu have also been letting there imagination run wild as they create the Taj Mahal from wooden blocks and spy space ships and rockets through telescopes they crafted themselves.  Many have also discovered and been experimenting with light and shadows using various resources to explore this concept.  There have also been many shopping lists written this week as the tamariki make real world connections in the Whare Tipu shop.  


Whare Kōhanga tamariki have enjoyed quiet time inside making music and challenging themselves with puzzles before heading outside.


Once outside they are busy with the playdough, sandpit and this week the tools and "fixing" has been a strong interest.  From fixing the ride ons to hammering in nails or tightening any possible bolts and screws that might be loose.

All the tamariki are engaged in learning about Matariki at present, at an age appropriate level as we look to celebrate  the Maori New Year.  Whether it is learning a new waiata, recognising the stars of Matariki or delving deeper into the legends surrounding it is a time we love to celebrate at Geraldine Preschool.  Especially because one of the main focuses is about being together and whānau.  

Ka kite and keep warm.


Rāmere 11 Haratua


Ki ora whānau the school holidays are now a distant memory and life at Geraldine preschool is back in full swing.  This week Whare Kōhanga welcomed a new kaiako, Sarah Bates to the team.  

Sarah is enjoying meeting all the tamariki and whānau who have made her feel very welcome already.


Whare Kōhanga tamariki are currently exploring the Te Whāriki strand of communication.  Whether this is through communicating verbally with their peers as they play alongside each other or nonverbally as they explore art, reading and mark making.


Whare Tipu tamariki have been incredibly focused on an inquiry into bees over the last fortnight, prompted by our surprises for all the wonderful mothers out there for Mother’s day. Check out the display on our wall in the kai area. Many of our tamariki have begun their transition to Whare Piki this month and we have also welcomed some new faces from Whare Kōhanga.  As always there is plenty of time for laughing with friends.



Friendships make the day at preschool even more enjoyable as tamariki engage with their peers, share common interests and create wonderful imaginative play scenarios. Whare Piki tamariki have also been looking at new ways to take risks, whether this is jumping off a higher box, biking without training wheels or building yourself a ramp to jump your scooter off.


The week is always full of learning for the tamariki. Whether it is quiet time completing a puzzle, sensory sandpit explorations or an excursion out and about within our community.


Ka kite


Rāpare 3rd Haratua


Kia ora koutou.  Last week all the tamariki, kaiako and some very helpful parents went for a walk to the Geraldine Cenotaph on Tuesday 24th April.  This is an excursion we go on every year to take wreaths and art items made to commerate Anzac day.  In the lead up to Anzac Day it is a centre wide focus as the tamariki gain an age appropriate understanding of what Anzac day is about.


A parent that was previously in the Airforce, Jolie Mockford kindly brought in some of her equipment and uniform to share with the tamariki, rooms were transformed into army shelters and on the Thursday we set up a bouncy castle as part of a centre "Army obstacle course" which all the tamariki at preschool got to enjoy.

Earlier in the month tamariki from Whare Piki went out into the community to collect rubbish in acknowledgement of Earth Day, stopping at the domain for a picnic lunch before returning to preschool.


Hayden Mckenzie once again delighted the tamariki at preschool by calling in with a tractor.  Many of our tamariki get to experince life on farms with machinary on a daily basis, but even for tem and those that only get to dream of actually sitting inside a tracot it is what small childrens dreams are made of.


Watch this space next blog to see what exciting projects the tamariki have been investigating to celebrate Mothers Day.


Rãpare 05 Paenga-whãwhã


Ki ora koutou whaanau.  What could we do to mark the end of daylight savings ?  The tamariki decided a camp day was in order and with such beautiful weather this seemed like the perfect idea.  

Since the holidays many of the tamariki have shared stories of going fishing, exploring the lakes and rivers and for many the excitment of camping.  The kaiako had noticed these experiences being re enacted and replayed throughout the centre environment and conversations with the tamariki led to the tamariki deciding we needed to have a camp day of our own here at Geraldine Preschool.

The planning began as the kaiako brainstormed with the tamariki what they felt a camp day would look like and what the key elements would be.  They decided the following:

  • All family and friends must be welcome so we would need a lot of sausages
  • A camp fire was essential to toast the "huge" marshmallows that we could then "smoosh" between two chocolate biscuits
  • We would have to remember our fire safety and the older tamariki felt it would be there duty to ensure the younger tamariki were safe
  • A bbq to cook sausages on, and of course our centre made tomato sauce and some bread
  • Stories to share and songs to sing around the camp fire
  • PJ's were to be the required dress code




The weather was amazing for the camp day and the tamariki loved exploring the tents while enjoying the bbq, marshmallows, and the all important pre easter hunt.  More importantly we were joined by family which always makes these types of celebrations even more enjoyable!!

Rãpare 22 Poutū-te-rangi


Ki ora koutou whanau, It is hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of March already !!  Over the last few weeks we have celebrated St Patrick's day.  It is important to us that all whanau connected to the centre feel their culture is recognised and valued and events linked to that culture provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate alongside them and learn from them.

This St Patricks day we celebrated by dressing in green and cooking some traditional Irish food such as irish soda bread and colcannon, which all the tamariki enjoyed sampling.  We were also fortunate that one of the tamariki had whanau visiting from Ireland.  They kindly joined us for mat time to answer questions and share their knowledge of home with us.

We also held a morning tea to farewell Jo and Helen from Whare Kōhanga.  All the tamariki gathered up their lunch boxes and headed to Whare  Kōhanga for a picnic .


We also welcomed Lauren and Jill Taylor to preschool today to share their knowledge around expertise around sign language.  New Zealand celebrates and acknowledges three official languages, english, te reo and sign language.  Ensuring our tamariki get to experince, and are supported in using all three of these languages is part of our professional responsibility as kaiako when working within our curriclum Te Whariki.

The tamariki loved this experince and opportunity to learn a new way to communicate. 




Rãhina 12 Poutū-te-rangi


Ki ora koutou whãnau.  Over the last few weeks the preschool has held dress up days and sold raffle tickets to raise funds for relay for life.  This event was held in Geraldine this year and the preschool kaiako entered a team to particpate in the event, which focuses on a cause that has touched most peoples lives over the years.  As a centre with whãnau support we raised over $1800 towards this worthy cause.

On the day we set up gazebos and it was lovely to have many of the preschool families come and join us, walking with us and just stopping for a chat.  Moments like this reinforce the strong sense of whanaungatanga that as a centre we strive for.  Relationships with our whãnau is key in us being a successsful centre that can meet the learning needs of our tamariki.


Haylee's daughter Chanalee proudly modelled the t shirt the preschool tamariki designed for the t-shirt competition.

The tamariki have also been planning a "camping day"  so watch this space for more news in regards to this.

Ka kite

Rāhina 05 Poutū-te-rangi


Ki ora koutou whānau, another wet start to the week but the tamariki were not phased as they were too busy celebratinng our success at the Winchester A and P show.  Over the last few weeks the kaiako and tamariki have been making sauces, pickles, jams and a beautiful collage to enter in the show.  Many of you may have been and witnessed our success.


The theme for the collage was kiwiana and tamariki from each room contributed patches, with tamariki from Whare Tipu and Whare Piki then sewing the pieces together to make the final master piece which claimed first prize at the show.


The committement, creativity and pride that went into the collage was beautiful to witness.  It is now hanging on the all in Whare Piki if you would like to view it.


Our garden produce also did very well and the gardens provided all the ingredients for our relish and mint sauce!!


The tamariki in Whare Kõhanga are loving pukapuka/books at the moment so last week they headed off to the Geraldine Library and also enjoyed the activity table while they where there.

We love venturing out to explore the community, continuing to strength our connections within it by visiting places familiar to many of the tamariki or providing them with the opportunity to explore somewhere new.

Until next week Ka Kite.

Rapare 22 Hui-tanguru


Ki ora koutou whãnau, what a fantastic night we had last Friday at the wheel-a-thon.  We always love events like this as it is often a reflection of the strong sense of whanaungatanga (a relationship established through shared experinces) that is highly valued here at preschool.  It is lovely to see not only parents, but grandparents, older siblings and aunts and uncles take an active part in such events.  The focus of the wheel-a-thon was to raise funds for the preschool to buy wetbags for alll the tamariki to elminate the use of plastic bags as we continue to look at ways to be more sustainable.  This also aligns with our enviroschool vision as we seek new and my long term ways to be sustainable and support the tamariki in understanding this concept.




We are also in full swing getting ready for the A and P show at Winchester.  The tamariki have been harvesting produce from the garden to make relish and sauce and all rooms contributing to a collage.


Do watch this space to see how we go, or if you are at the show you might be able to go and view our entries.  Until next week, Ka kite.

Rāpare 01 Hui-tanguru


Ki ora koutou, preschool is in full swing after the holidays and the tamariki are learning at full steam.  Whare Piki tamariki have been investigating the history behind Chinese New Year and have had great joy in discovering which "animal" they are in depending on there year of birth.  Whare Tipu tamariki have been embracing the joy that comes with sensory explorations, whether it is investigating the texture and properties of slime, creating masterpieces from clay or cooking up a storm in the sandpit and creating cakes that any baker would be proud of.  Whare Kohanga have welcomed new tamariki to their room, and have been focusing on supporting them in there nurturing environment with loose parts play, art experiences and water play on hot days.


Dramatic play is a key focus everyday as our tamariki re enact experinces from home such as fishing behind the play house to being sailors on boats, rescuing each other from the stormy waters.


Mark making begins at the art table, leads to the tamariki writing there own lists, such as grocery lists, cafe orders or in the instance above completing there own daily safety check.  These purposeful marks are thee beginnings of our tamariki recognising that marks on paper have purpose and meaning.


Role play is always evident, whether it's caring for babies which supports the tamariki in beginning to understand how to care for others, and allows them to make valuable links between home and centre.  Caring for our environment is a shared repsonsibilitiy at Geraldine Preschool as everyone including the tamariki help care for our environment.  The tamariki are keen to help and take great pride in having a tidy and safe environment to learn, play and explore in.

Until next week ka kite

Rāpare 01 Kohitātea 2018


Haere mai  ngā mihi o te Tau Hou.  Welcome to the first Geraldine Preschool blog of 2018.  It has been a busy start to the year as we welcomed Lisa Main to the Whare Piki team.  The weather has meant plenty of sensory opportunities for exploring water play, the properties of water and the joy of harvesting produce for the preschool gardens and making pickles and jam.



It is also a lovely time for the tamariki to catch up, share holiday stories and welcome new tamariki that have started at the preschool for 2018.  It is beautiful to watch these friendships develop.


We look forward to another wonderful year of play filled with amaziing learning opportunities.


Rahina 15 Hakihea 2017


Ki ora, as we head into the home stretch for the end of the preschool year the opportunities for the tamariki to learn and continue to grow that invaluable sense of whanaungatanga  continues as they establish relationships and engage with the wider community.  These relationships allow the tamariki to understand in a larger sense who else is involved in helping make our community and preschool a safe and great place to be a part of.

This christmas the tamariki have once again invited many of those key people in our community to the centre or have delivered baking to show our appreciate for how they contribute to our community.  From the police, St Johns, and moni bus to the lovely ladies at the red cross that save wonderful treasures for us to use in our use parts play.




This is a great experince for the tamariki and a wonderful way to share the christmas spirit within our community.

Rahina 04 Hakihea


Ngā mihi o te Kirihimete ki a koutou/Greetings of the christmas season to you all.

On Friday night Geraldine Preschool joined Geraldine's annual santa parade.  We began the evening with a sausage sizzle at the domain before the tamariki, whānau and kaiako marched in the parade.  As a centre we love this time of the year as it highlights the strong relationships we have with all connected with the centre as parents, grandparents, siblings and extended whānau come and to join us in the parade.




Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, ēngari he toa takimano e. My strength is not mine alone, but that of many.


Rahina 20 Whiringa-ā-rangi


Ki ora koutou, what an exciting week we had at Geraldine Preschool last Wednesday as we held a special celebration to receive our Green Gold Enviroschools award.  Geraldine Preschool is the first Early Childhood centre in canterbury to obtain this amazing award.  It is quite an acheivement that required and involved committment and contribution from all tamariki,whãnau and kaiako.



Ehara taka toa i te toa takatahi

Engari, he toa takatini

My strength is not the strength of one

It is the strength of many

Rãapa 08  Whiringa-ã-rangi


Ki ora, the tamariki are loving the warm weather.  It means it is time to plan our preschool garden, which all the rooms are involved in.  We bake, preserve and share the produce in our swappa-crop wheelbarrow or give as koha (a gift or donation).  Puna Ora our orchard at the front of the preschool and the fruit trees plantd in the playground our flourishing with the regular rain and sunshine.



Last month Whare Tipu tamariki boarded a bus and headed to Peel Forest for the morning to explore.  Geraldine Preschool has a strong connection to Peel Forest and our centre mihi is based on this area.  Within the mhih we talk of our awa, the Waihi river which we drove over on the way to Peel Forest, Tarahoa, Big Mount Peel is our Mauka which could be clearly see by all on the trip to the forest.   Excursions such as this provide tamariki with the oppportunity to explore the forest while creating links and establishing connections with our wider community and environment.



It was a wonderful day out and one of many more to come we hope.  Until next week ka kite.

Rãhina 09 Whiringa-ā-nuku


Ki ora, last week at preschool was particularly busy as we began to "spruce" up the play gorund areas.  Firstly the sandpits in both areas were filled up.  We were fortunate enough to have a group of Dad's come in late in the afternoon and do this job for us.  



A huge thank you to James Ellery, Hamish Pawson, Tim Saywell, Johnny Burnside and  Brent Schrider for this.  The tamariki were very excited when they uncovered the sandpit the next day.  The next day the tamariki enjoyed watching the new bark getting blown onto the playground through a big hose, fed off a large truck.


Dramatic play continues to engage the tamariki.  Acting out their own life expeinces help them make sense of their own lives and what is happening in the world around them.  Mobilo is a great resource where the tamariki are able to be creattive and further develop there manipulative skills.


The warmer weather is perfect for outdoors water play.  From exploring concepts of how, what and why some objects float and others sink, to supporting developing social skills as turn taking and waiting come to the fore.  The tamariki and kaiako also enjoy the social conversations that occur at this time.


Rãmere 29 Mahuru


Ki ora koutou, what a great way to end the week at Geraldine Preschool, when yesterday we officially received confirmation of obtaining our green-gold Enviroschools award.  Yesterday Bianca Sheed, the tamariki and kaiako welcomed three members of the enviroschools team to the preschool.  Tamariki from Whare Tipu proudly performed the centre mihi and then kaiako and tamariki sung a waiata for our guests.


The tamariki then took our guests on a guided tour, sharing there knowledge and understanding about sustainability within the preschool and wider community, respect for diversity and how this in turn supports them in becoming empowered students.  The centre hass spent the last eight years working towards this award and we are the first Early Childhood Centre in South Canterbury to acheive it.

The tamariki were very excited to learn that we had acheived the award, and are now looking forward to organising the celebratory events for the official presentation.

Titiro whakamuri

Kokiri whakamua

Look back and reflect

So you can move forward




Rãmere 15 Mahuru


Ki ora koutou whãnau, te wiki o te reo Mãori.  This week we have celebrated Mãori language week, embracing te reo Mãori.  Everyday the tamariki recite the centre mihi and karakia (blessing) before kai.  We incorporate te reo into everyday routines, waiata and general conversation with the tamariki.


Creativity, investigating and exploration whether with blocks, tiles, loose parts or circuit sets is a strong interest for a large number of the tamariki from all rooms at the moment.  This provides then with the opportunity to share ideas, support their peers by offering suggestions, turn taking, while challenging themselves to think "How can I make this work?"


Learning moments like this are enjoyed by the tamariki on their own or in a large group.


Pukapuka (books) and dolls are resources enjoyed by all the pepe in Whare Kõhanga.  Many of the tamariki .  The weather is starting to warm up and the tamariki are thriving on being outside, challenging themselves physically, adding water to the sandpit as they create rivers, lakes and mud pies for their cafes.

Ko te whakatipuranga tënei o te mana rangahau, me ngã mãtauranga katoa e pã ana ki te aotuuroa me te taiao.

The child learns through active exploration of the environment.

Ka kite

Rãmere 1st Mahuru


Ki ora koutou, what a great way to end the preschool week with a Father's Day lunch to celebrate the amazing men involved in the lives of our tamariki.  The tamariki sent out invitations to the lunch and then spent the week organsing the menu, making cards and decorating special gifts.




We had over 25 Dad's and Grandad's come and join the tamariiki in both Whare Piki and Whare Tipu.  It was lovely that they got to spend time with not only their children but meet their child's friends and teachers.  Occassions like this is what makes oour preschool so special !!

Whare Kõhanga has been welcoming a lot of new tamariki over the last month, and there interest in  music has been a great opportunity to support them in learning each others names.  Songs such as "Who's got the hat ?" are perfect for this.

Ka kite and have a lovely weekend.  

He taonga te mokopuna, kia whãngaia, kia tipu, kia rea.

A child is a treasure to be nurtured, to grow,  to flourish.


Friday 25 Here-turi-kõkã


Kia ora koutou, manaakitanga (kindness and respect) and nga wero tinana (physical challenges) are providing plenty of learning opportunities for the tamariki at preschool at the moment.  We are fortunate enough to have the space to set up a slack line which tamariki of all ages love to explore a variety of ways of using.  


Manaakitanga has been a key aspect of learning throughout the centre recently.  Whether it is caring for ourselves,our peers, resources or the environment it is something the tamariki have fully embraced.  It has seen a lot of group play and team work occurring and tamariki wanting to share there skills amongst the three rooms in the centre, also just generally popping there heads in the door or over the fence to say "Hello" and check that everyone it good.



Whare Kõhanga tamariki have been enjoying sensory exploration and art.  Using their whole bodies to create materpieces.  


Ka kite, enjoy the warm weather and take care.

Friday 18th Here-turi-kōkā


Haere mai, it would appear spring is here and the tamariki have been enjoying playing in the sunshine.

The tamariki in Wharre Kõhanga have been enjoying physical challenges outside, while music and movement is still a favorite activity inside.  They have also welcomed some new members to the Whare Kõhanga family.



Physical challenges, especially being able to flip around the bar or make it all the way across on the monkey bars have been a focus for the tamariki in Whare Piki as they test the ability of there tinana (body).  Being able to spin around once or even twice is cause for great excitment and making it from one end of the monkey bars to other makes you a master of the play ground !!  Antartic is still a key focus of inquiry as the tamariki look at invesitgating and seeking answers to their many questions.



Whare Tipu have welcomed back Emily Walker from maternity.  Many of the tamariki remembered Emily and where very excited to see her, while others have been enjoying getting to know her.  Naomi set up a challenging ropes course earlier in the week which our fearless tamariki loved.  They were very cautious at the start of the day but with guidance and support from peers and kaiako they became more and more confident as the day progressed.


They have also been enjoying activites and resources that help develop those key fine motor skills needed for the future.  Squeeziing, threading, kneading, zipping and unbuttoning are all great exercises to get fingers ready for writing.



Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini

I come not with my own strengths but bring with me the gifts, talents and strengths of my family, tribe and ancestors.

Ka kite.

Ramere 28th Hōngongoi 


Haere mai, welcome to the first blog in a while.  We may have been having technical difficulties with the blog but life continues, busy as usual as preschool.  The tamariki in Whare Kōhanga have been busy welcoming new tamariki into the room, while keeping active on these frosty days exploring the outdoors and learning to care for others through role play.




Music and dance is a great way to keep busy and playdough is always a favorite for tamariki as they work on developing their fine motor skills.



Over the last few months the tamariki have been practising waiata for Korohi O Te Pepi, which this year was held at the recently renovated Arowhenua Marae.  This is a great experince for the tamariki as early childhood centres and schools throughout South Canterbury and sing a variety of waiata and te reo action songs.  


KIndness in all we do, how we treat ourselves, the environment and each other has been key in Whare Tipu this month.  Mahi tahi (working together) has also eveolved from this focus as the tamariki seek each other out for games, support and conversation.  The tamariki have been extending on mat time activities by creating there own games of leap frog with carpet squares and acting out the nursery rhyme "Jack be nimble" using the blocks as candle sticks.  Communication, turn taking and patience are key for the tamariki during these activities.


With the presence of our winter friend Jack Frost, snow and icy puddles the tamariki in Whare Piki have had a lot of questions about ice lately, prompting an investigation into ice.  What is it?  Does it sink or float? Is ice always cold?  These are some of the questions great inquiring minds of Whare Piki have come up and decided to investigate.  We look forward to seeing further experiments happening from these young scientists.

Until next week ka kite


Ramere 23 Pipiri


Ki ora koutou whãnau, It has been a wet end to another busy week at preschool.  The highlight of the week for the tamariki was pyjama day on Wednesday to celebrate the shortest day.  Each room got into the spirit of the day, also enjoying a healthy brunch of smoothies, fresh fruit, pikelets and toasties.




Whare Tipu tamariki where also fortunate enough to have Alice's mum Hil's come in and do music and movement with us on Wednesday.  This extended on their current interest in music, movement and dance.



You may also hear the tamariki beinning to sing some new waiata as we prepare for flava festival.  This is an exciting time for the tamariki as we head to Arowhenua Marae for a morning of waiata ad kapa haka.

Wrap up warm and enjoy your weekend !!

Ramere 09 Pipiri


Ki ora koutou whãnau, the tamariki are been busy creating , puzzling and being artistic in a variety of ways this week



Whare Tipu tamariki have been exploring ephemeral art, this is a form of temporary art created with open ended reuseabe resources.  We have been encouraging the tamariki to share the story behind their creations.  They have such amazing imaginations.  The magna tiles have been a fantastic addition to our resources as the tamariki become more confident creating with them.  It is a great resource for developing social competency, turn taking, sharing, managing impulsivity and developing strategies so they can build taller buildings.



Whare Piki tamariki have been extending on their interest in puzzles by creating their own.  They have taken the knowledge they have gained and transferred it by ensuring there are 'clues' on each piece.  They then took them into Whare Tipu and Whare Kohanga to see if the kaiako (teachers) where up to the challenge of completing the puzzles.  They have also been looking at ways to look after the art the create by making them into their own art books.



Whare Kohanga tamariki that attend on a Tuesday are fortunate enough to head on a weekly excursion to Mainly Music in Geraldine.  This has led to a room wide interest in music as they explore instruments, new waiata and a variety of musical accessories such as the parachute and dancing ribbons.

Until next week, Ka kite.